Monday, April 09, 2007

-->My rEfLeCtIoN aBoUt tHe tLp<--

I think the Teen Life Project was a good way of knowing and communicating with people of different places in the whole world. I liked to talk to the other schools sharing our topic, that way we get to know many people by doing the projects we had the opportunity to communicate each other. Really we get to know how or what do other schools do when they at school.

The problem is that all the things we did in the Teen Life Project were all different, some things were more fun for me that others but really anything was boring because maybe for me there is a part that was “the most boring” but maybe to one of my friends that was their favourite part so really everything was super cool! My favourite part of this experience were many but the ones I loved the most were the Skype call because we hear all the voices of people who we were communicating but typing, and also because we get to know their ideas and opinions, and the other one was to do the projects because it was super cool to d a video, and with interviewing people asking some questions, it was something unique.

If I had the opportunity to do again the project if I will do it, obviously yes, if I have the opportunity to do this again obviously I will accept. As I told you this was a great experience that everybody in the world should influence from it. I am sure that if I is the first time doing this as I know everybody did was to say it will be boring but maybe interesting, the truth is that in any moment it was boring it was all interesting.

I think this could be a good influence to the whole world of people or students sharing their ideas and thoughts. I hope this could be done from now in the future and could continue the timeline or people doing it.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

AIDS/ HIV as a world crisis...

Aids As you know because I’ve been repeating this since I start this topic is that aids is a very powerful infection. What I know and what I only want to tell you are that is very important to take care of your bodies because even with a little thing that big infection can be transmitted. I just can say if you are in the doctor and they are going to put you a vaccine what if the needle is new and that is not been used other time by someone else, because maybe that person that used it have some aids/HIV infection that can transmit on you just by using the same needle he used. Also be very careful with sexual relations because maybe your pair or boy (girl) friend have had sexual relations with another person that was or is infected with aids/HIV. Just by having sexual relation with the persons that had sexual relations with a person that had aids you can get caught and from that infection is too difficult to get out. Maybe is not the fault of your girl friend or boy friend’s friend maybe is your boy friend or girl friend fault because they have aids/HIV and or they don’t know hat is that or they just don’t want to tell you. How I told you last post many people in the world or do not know much of the infections or illness just because of thinking in things that are not really important. For example last post I told you that much of the population of women in India didn’t know about that illness, didn’t mind because really they didn’t knew the consequences of that illness(infection), or they really didn’t understand what was that. Just because no understanding, “they didn’t had time to ask other people,” I think that is or was an irresponsibility. I read in a documentary about HIV/AIDS: INC, NACO join hands with Clinton Foundation
It talks about that the Clinton foundation wants to help people around the world that has AIDS / HIV. I can notice that now more people have noticed about this infection, long time ago less that half people in the world knew what was AIDS but now more know about it and want to help the world get over that problem. Here is another example of someone that wants to help, HIV/AIDS care facility for Madurai wants to help and is working faster to help the world. They want to look for a solution, and that's why they are speeding up to make establishments for people who have AIDS. You can notice the change from 50 years to now of people who helps or want to help. In the HIV/AIDS care facility for Madurai is having large amounts of donors of blood from people they notice is needing it more than them.

My opinion about AIDS is that it is a very powerful illness or infection that needs to be noticed rapidly by doctor because then it would be more difficult to get out of that problem. many people think or their opinion is that AIDS has no cure although some scientists are close to have the cure or have the cure of it. As I say before people should be careful because if you get because you were not paying attention to yourself because of thinking of "things more important." As I also say before in what you need to b paying more attention, or in what people are more getting caught to AIDS(the reasons) are because of people that use needles that someone else has used, and also when having sexual relations with other person that has that infection(aids) or because when that person has had a sexual relation with one person that had or has that infection(aids) and is transpassed.

What I’m going to look forward is the opinions of some important people of what is going to happen when many years pass. Do they are going to find the real cure? Have they find it? Or some f the opinions of other citizens, and ask if they think they are going to find the cure or if they think they have the cure.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Beating AIDS...

I have learned many things about AIDS. An aid as you know is an infection in the human body. That infection is very powerful. So powerful that doctors are trying to make a big medicine that can cure those powerful feelings. Persons have notice that nearly half of Indian women have not heard of AIDS. That is a serious problem; if the world wants to beat AIDS they first need to know what that is. An example is that half of India women do not know what AIDS is. Some persons say that India is the place in the whole world that has more causes of AIDS. Nearly 5.7 million people or women have AIDS in India. Experts say that's because in India exists a high average of prostitutes and people who consume drugs. But what some women are sad is that sometimes they are not themselves who are prostitutes, sometimes they are infected because of their husbands that "go to work" and in that time they see with some prostitutes. That is what makes people of other places mad at man in India. Their wives need to suffer the consequences because of their irresponsible husbands. I think that if we don’t communicate to the world what are the serious problems facing humans today, we’ll never get together to help each other and because we don’t get together we can not solve that problem.

My personal opinion is that this is an act of irresponsibility of both. Women because they are being prostitutes for money, and really this don’t make sense. If they are prostitutes they infect with AIDS and they do that only for money what is more important the money or themselves. I think they should make a message to the world telling everyone about this because is bad that persons or do not know that infection exists, do not pay attention, or do not think is serious. They should know the causes and effects of that. And of men because they should think in their children or in their family including wives before doing what they do in rural areas. I think how I said before what man does is an irresponsibility to “go to work” and instead they go and see with prostitutes.

I want to expand my post by making an announcement to people so they know what AIDS is and to be warned of that infection. Also in my next post I want to tell people what are the feelings of that infection. Why is so common in some places and some not so much. I want to expand my post very much also telling why is more common in women than in man. I will going to expand my post also by telling you information about the different types of pills or vaccine that are made in different places in the world to cure that powerful infection. Well, each week I will continue writing you more information about AIDS and I aspect that you are very interested in AIDS how I am. I hope you like this post I made about AIDS, and that you’ve learned a lot about AIDS.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


What I have learned until now is that AIDS is a very powerful and dangerous sickness. In the places were AIDS is more common in America are in Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil. Here I can show you an image taken from a documentary called AIDS virus weakness detected where it shows the image scientist have captured of the hopefully scientist have the cure for this sickness AIDS. In this image we can see when the antibodies attack the human cells. I also have learned that scientists and doctors have find the cure for that sickness that from many years ago doctors and scientists tell everybody that it didn't have cure. Here I am going to show an image of a little kid suffering with that terrible sickness. At the time this picture was taken kids were that sad not just because they feel bad of the sickness also they feel bad because doctors say the were not going to be cured anytime.(This is a sad picture:(... )

I have learned many more things, other of dose things I’ve learned is that marijuana makes people that suffer that sickness feel better or lower the power of the powerful pains they feel. I learned this in a documentary I read in Google news called Marijuana gives relief from chronic pain for AIDS sufferers. These documentary talks a bout that researchers have discovered that persons that suffer the pain of AIDS can smoke marijuana an that makes them feel better.
My opinions are that donor has made a great difference not only in Zimbabwe all over the world! They have learned to be great persons and citizens by helping persons that really need the money more than them. They really know how to share and how not to be selfish. Really donors have made a great difference in Zimbabwe. In there they are growing amount of orphans suffering the AIDS. Due to that Donors have give $70 million. Also they have almost already made the drug that finally will cure the problem of AIDS. Maybe in December they are going to give that drug to 30 developing country that the show they are people who proved resistant to do AID treatments. My really opinion I that thank you to that persons that help, to that persons that want the world to feel better we have less amount of kids or people suffering the AIDS! My personal opinion is that these persons have made a great difference and thank you to them all!
Finally I think I need to learn more about this sickness (infection). I'm going to expand these researches by telling the people how this sickness (infection) is transmitted by sexual relation. Also wanted to tell you how this new pill to cure this powerful infection is going to call or how it will cost to buy it or maybe if it is easy to find it. (I've heard this pill will cost millions of dollars, and that is not just to drink the pill is to drink the pill and to attend to many dates with the doctors doing series of exams and many more things.) The last thing I wanted to learn more about, or expand my research is by comparing the way of people living in different parts of the world suffering this sickness (infection).

Friday, February 09, 2007

..Globlal warming..

Today we have a very important problem, global warming. I've just read in the BBC news that this year has been the most coldest decade in Chicago thanks for the global warming. They are below 8 but they feel they are below 20 thanks to the arctic wind whistling off Lake Michigan. The news inn that place maked a WARNING to people so they do not stay more than five minutes outside your homes beacuse you will start becoming white(palid) and could frozen. They also say that about to the year 2012 it will be cold all around the world, and that about to the 2080 the United Kingdom would be below 4 degrees.

Climate change 'affecting' China
Experts in China say that is the warmest winter that has passed from about 30 years ago. They also say this is cause of the Global Warming. All the places are getting together and talk and say they were trying to lower the use of carbon dioxide in the few five years. Because as you might know that part of the cause of the global warming is cause of the carbon dioxide(almost all) They agree that they were going to lower the amount of carbon dioxide 20%.

This is a strange cause beacuse really they are persons that relly dont kjnow this is happening, some persons kno wt that global warming is occuring but they think i snot dangerous, other persons they really dont know what is global warming. Not everyone is helping to solve this problem. Thats why all the persons that know this is an important cause, that is dangerous we need to tell all the world at what were are facing with so they know what happens if they do such things. We need to solve this problem fast, because today experts say that maybe by 2012 all the world will be a little cooler. The ice bergs are melting. Think critically! This is an important and dangerous thing so each of us help!

We know the the ones who cause this thing are humans(us). Experts say that the Poles will melt sometime if we don't take care of our Earth. Because of icebergs, and glaciers melting the sea level will increase.Other possiblity can be that instead of decreasing the temperature, it can rise!

Climate change: Time to get serious
Presidents say to the world that we need to act the fastest we can. To do not use greenhouse gases. They also warn people that they were be constantly floods etc, and that if we don'd act rapidly Earth will feel an extinction.

Morrison poem backs climate plea
Jim Marrison before his death he made a poem about cutting the uses of carbon/carbon dioxide. That poem was passed to a song.Even if you dont believe it he is not the only person who's idea is to cut carbon dioxide. Some persons really think that's the only solution.

A report someone maked it sayed that afeter US, China is the place that useas more greenhouse gases. They say about China that has not improved anything(about the global warming)

Let's care about our world!...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

What are the temperatures like where you live: high, low, or in between?

This question was made by (April / Mr. Fisher's class)
Here in Cartagena we have a hot climate at the day is between 30 – 38 degrees Celsius. Really is very hot that’s why in our classrooms we have air conditioner. At night we have not a very notable difference in the climate, obviously at night is little colder than at day. At night we are between 26 – 29 degrees Celsius. That climate is great, its not too cold and also too hot, but what is great is that at night they are some delicious breezes

Friday, January 26, 2007

Do you have any special places where you and your friends can go and have fun?

This question is made by (Anna/ Mr. Fisher's class) and (DanielB/Mr.Raisdana)
I think, and not only me thinks this is that here in Caratagena they are not sufficient places to go. They are always the same like 5 places everyone in the city goes! They are Corral, Campito, Mc Donalds, Crepes, Club Cartagena, and Otoyal. Really they are fun places, I don’t know is because we’re used to them or if really they are great! My personal opinion is that they are good, and that we’ll need to be happy with the places we have. The Campito, I think you’ve never heard of it, it is like aplace you go and eat pizza, at the same time there is a softball court and soccer court (not so big). It’s cool because there we can sit eating pizza and at the same time watching the soccer game. Also if you want to play you make your own team pay 90,000 pesos and you play, also you can make many teams and make a tournament, it’s really cool. The Corral is a place were you eat Hamburgers and many more things. They are different types and you choose which one you like most. What I’m telling you, doesn’t hears so cool but then of the Corral we go walking to any other places (the ones listed below) and have fun. Mc Donalds is another place where they sale hamburgers and many more things. There they sale some ice creams that are delicousssssss!! Otoyal also is a good place to go there they sale fast food such as Hamburgers, hot dogs, and sandwiches. They are very good. Most of the time because the otoyal is a little place we eat there and then go to the Club Cartagena or to campito and when you go there you will find with many friends of other schools. Dose places are always veru full. Crepes is another place we also go with our friends. There they sale many different types of food. Crepes with many things! They are delicious also, and they sale other great ice creams! And the last place most of the people here in Cartagena go is Club Cartagena. There is a club that has many things to do will choose to go to the pool, to eat there, to play tennis and many more things. But because everyone hang out with their friends at the night we like go there to eat or sometimes we go to one of the places listed and at the end we go walking to another of dose or to this club that is very fun. If you go either to campito and Club Cartagena you will find the middle of Cartagena there. This places I’ve just said are the places more known of teenage boys and girls here in Cartagena. Are the places that most of us go. So if you are going to go to one of this places don’t be surprised because of the amount of persons being there (he he) So this are the places were we go to have fun with our friends!

Thursday, January 11, 2007


My name is Natalia. But my friends often call me Naty. I live in Cartagena, Colombia, and I study in the Jorge Washington school. I’m 13 years old, but I just become it in December 7. This year we have a great teacher called Mr. Hide who put us a project. For that project we needed to answer a question. That question is what worries us most about the future. Really I think well before answering the question and really they are many things that worry me about the future, but I’m just gonna put the most important for me and for other persons that also have some things about Earth that worry them.

Some of the things that worries me and other persons than me are the bad treating of kids in the world. Really the kids are a key for the world, they are the future, but they are some persons that don’t take the sufficient care on them. Some examples are that kids are left out like if they were nothing. We need to really show the world the really importance of them.

That’s not the only thing that worries me. That other thing is Pollution. I think pollution is a very important part. I think that if anybody takes care of Earth(pollution) is gonna form a big problem. That’s because if there is pollution many animals and including humans can die. That’s because pollution is very bad and dangerous. Also they are many sorces of pollution such as cars, sprays and more things. That things not only make pollution, those objects also are destroying the O zone layer. That ais making persons to get sick when going to the beach and putting in front of the sun for many time, because, as I just told you that some things are destroying the O zone layer, that makes the sun hit the Earth directly, so the direct sun rays are bad. That’s why we need to try to prevent dose things.

This are some of the thing that worry me of the future. In overall, it worries me that not all the persons treat kids well, and the pollution, in other worlds the Ozone layer.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday Nov. 13!

Today is Monday November 13, the day they will choose Ms Colombia..! I love this day, because obviously they choose Ms. Colombia. The day they choose Ms. Colombia is a day in which all childrens, doughters, and sons stay in their houses, or go out but with their parents. They wait anciously the moment they will choose the women that will represent us for a whole year. I think I'm not the only one that love this day I'm sure all the childrens in the world like the day they choose their Ms.______...What I like of this day is that I stay with my family, and really I like to say my opinions of each of the participants.

This year I think that all the participants are very good. they've kind, and very good pèrsons. They effort you can notice it by only seeing. It seems they've worked very hard to mantain in the place they are. Maybe you see a participant and you say to yourself like they really dont do anything. But you know what they dont eat that ice cream you eat all of the days. They need to mantain in a wight, and to mantain the weight that includes not to eat ice cream and all dose things. i think you should feel happy when they choose Ms. Colombia or the one of your state, country, etc, because you might thing they dont do anything to be there but you're wrong they do more than what you think. I love when they choose Ms. Colombia, or Ms. Universe, and because they are going to choose Ms. Colombia today I'm happy!:)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

...Monsters Are Due on Maple Street...

Well, what I think of “Monsters are Due on Maple Street” is that it has many different, but good messages. One of the twenty messages is do not blame others if you don’t have a good reason to do it. I think that’s the main message because in the story all the residents of Maple Street were blaming each other only because reasons not really important. Maybe important reasons but what about if they were wrong?, or what about if the person that did all that was the one blaming others? that's called a scapegoat, a person who blames others because of his or her problem. And the second best message is that sometime our worst enemy can be ourselves, because in the story they were aliens who were controlling the light even though they were the ones causing the light problem, the residents of Maple Street were blaming each other. I can still remember in the story when Steve says to Charlie to do not say to him who do Steve needs to afford. That the only thing that was going to happen was that they were going to eat all up alive!

I think that's a good message. It can express many things such as be a good friend, dont look for scapegoat, treat others like you want them to treat you. This message is great message, that's why still it has significance and it will still continue having it. I think is a good message because dose things can happen to anyone. Even to you! Is that sometimes you don't notice them. Once it happened to me something similar. I was in my house, I just had came from soccer, and I was tired. I went to the kitchen and I saw a bottle of Coke. I didn't think about it I just drink it! When my mom came she asked who drinked her coke, and anybody answered...My brother and I just started blaming ouselves..I know that I did it, and that I did bad by blaming him, but what about my brother, did he had a clue or something that maked him think I was...Maybe yes maybe no.

Now I really think the play of "Monsters are Due on Maple Street" should be updated. It has passed time since that ply was made till now. Obvously things have changes alot. If they say me to update "Monsters are ue on Maple Street" I will upodated alot so it will make citizens of this year like it. I will update things such as: make more modern the cars, the clothing chane it to clothe is used today, and the most important thing, change the idea of aliens, like make it another thing or person, because today scientists have proved there's almost no possiblity that aiens appear here.

So here is what I think of the play "Monsters are Due on Maple Street", which is a good story but like all the movies need at certain time, it needs an update, which I did. Hope you like it! ;)...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Halloween is day when all childrens dress up and trick or treat for fun. That day is celbrated at the last night of October. All childrens are preparing themselves for this wonderful day, dressing up of monster, and spooky creatures. Halloween and Christmas are considered the best days in the year.

What I think of Halloween is that is a great day, but especially for all little kids in the city. All the kids are happy this day because they are excited to show to their little friends their customs. The little kids trick or treat like from 4:00PM till 7:30-8:00PM, but more older persons trick or treat or have fun in the streets like from 8:00-12:00. And you know what?, That day is today so enjoy it!!!!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

What a Big Problem

Knock, Knock, Knock! "The door" said Sofi.

" You're going to be late for the soccer game!" said Sofi's mom.

The three were in Sofia's house, they were called Sofia, Andrea, and Sara. They were preparing for the soccer game, but first they were trying to solve they nervous, because that same day the were going to choose the soccer team that was going to play. They had slept in Sofi's house, so they could go all four together to the soccer game
...Riiinnnnggg!... The telephone rang, "Mom, answer it, it might be for you!" said Sofi.

"Ok" answered her mom. They were in the door, until "Sofi!" her mom called.

"what?" Sofi aswered,

"The soccer game is translated to Punta Iguana, a town very far from here" said Sofi's mom

"What?!" Sofi answered,

"The bus is picking you up in twenty min, ok?" said Sofi's mom, "Ok mommy!"...

Twenty minutes had passed and the bus wasn't there. The soccer game was about to start, and if we are not there we loose!...Five min. later the bus was there. Everyone was nervous, because that day they were going to choose the team, and because we were late and we were going to loose. In the bus everyone was talking about the soccer team, of who they were going to choose, and everyone said Sofi was going to be in the soccer team but what about Andrea, and Sara? Sofi always said to them

"Don't worry, belive me that you are going to be in the team." That leaved them more calm. They were almost in Punta Iguana after about twenty minutes of jurney, almost all the persons in the bus were sleep. Andrea, and Sara were sleep, but it seemed something was bothering Sofi.

Finally they were in the other school, it was called East High. It seemed it was a good school. We entered and the first thing everybody saw was the faces of all dose students, they were looking all the soccer team so bad! They were in the soccer field, it was in good conditions, but it was too little comparing it with the soccer field of our school. But really it was normal size when you saw it very closely. They told us to prepare fast because we've present there very late. The soccer game was at 8:30, and it was 9:15. Everyone prepared very fast. Riiinnnnggg! The referee was saying to come. Everyone was there, except... Our coach!, were is our coach?!?! Everyone started looking for him except Sofi. She was strange. She was like no matter what happens, like be quet and change of subject.

The soccer game was stopped. Everyone was looking in every place they thought our coach should be. They were asking themselves.

"Our coach cam with us?", "Where is he?," or "Why are we not starting the game?" Everyone was like frustrating! Andrea asked Sofi if she knew something about our coach and Sofi answered.

"Oh, are you talking about our coach, oh, is that I saw him but I don't know." Everyone had seen the strange attitude. Riiinnngg! Sofi's cellphone rang... Riiinnnggg!...

"Why don't you answer it?" Sara asked,

"Because dose are persons bothering!"Sofi aswered. Andrea feeled that Sofi really wanted to play but something didn't let her. Andrea knew that something strange was happening, so she went toward the referee. She told the referee that they had lost lost because of the coach problem, and when Sofia heard what Andrea said she went toward Andrea and told her the truth. The truth was that at first when the soccer game was in theirs school, she promised Mr. Gonazales, the coach, she was going to pick him. So the problem was that Sofi forgot to pick the coach. At first everybody was mad at her, but not mad because she forgot to pick the coach, they were mad because she didn't say at first and we could have time to play, and not loose the final soccer game. Sofi tried to solve a little bit the problem, and called Mr. Gonzales, and told him to come to Punta Iguana fast so we could play. Thing had been changed. Now anybody was mad at Sofi. The referee said okay, because that could happen to anyone.

Still Mr. Gonzales wasn't there, but we needed to start the game, so the referee get us start. The game started, and just when it started, Mr. Gonzales was there. He motibated us for the rest of the soccer game, Sofi appologize him, and you know what?..............................................THEY WOONN 2-0!!!....

Saturday, October 14, 2006

My School...

My school's name is Jorge Washington, which in english is George Washington. It was named like that in honor of USA's first president, George Washington. He was a police, miltar, and ate the same time a president. Of what I know for me he was USA´s best president.

My class has 20-21 students. All of the years and all the classes are about the same amount of students. I know you might be telling to yourself that is a little amount, but believe for us is sufissient. Our class is a great class in which we help each other. We treat us each other almost like brothers. Obvously because we've all together since 1st grade, and some since Pre Kinder or Kinder. I'm in this school since Kinder like the most of my friends too.

Our school way is till 12 grade. Maybe you should think that´s a lng way. Maybe it is but some friends say is short, or is normal, although other schools are till 11 grade. But really I think is better until 12 grade, because is another year of learning wonderful things. Some persons say me 12 grade is the best year. Really I believe does persons who told methat, because is the last year and we all do wonderful things because we need to celebrate or last year together.

Let´s talk about my teachers. I think all the teachers I´ve got are great techers and cool teachers, here they are:
1st grade: Ms Rachel
2nd grade: Ms Galy
3rd grade: Ms Wagner
4rth grade: Mr Baneth
5th grade: Mr A and Ms Caro
6th grade: Ms Hall
7th grade: Ms hall
All of them where and are super cool!

Our school day lasts 8 hours. From 7am until 2:30pm. It might hear long but they pass super fast! The class that passes faster for me, is Math. Really I don't know why, but maybe because is my best subject.

In my school there is a Cafeteria where you can buy your food. Sometimes I feel privilage because some shcools don't sell snacks, only healthy food! I might never survive there, although this last months I've not ate too much snacks.

Really I think my school is cool, but its a little tiny. I think the past years of of our parents argueing had helped us. That problem will finish because we are going to move. And they have shown us like the way the school will going to be, and it looks great! Besides of the problem, that really is not a big problem because we've survived 7 years with that school, Jorge Washington is the best school ever!

Friday, October 13, 2006

A Party Almost Ruined...

It was my cousing's birthday. We were trying to have all preparated, but obviously without she knowing. It was a surprise party! We needed to buy the (1) cake, candles, balloons, coke, plates, cups, etc. It had to be a great party because she had been a great person with all of us. She had a older sister called Daniella. She helped us alot buying all the things. We went either (2)by car, by bus, or walking. What matter was that we needed to buy all dose things fast! We need to go and look for a taxi because any of our moms could took us to the place we want them to take us. We looked for a taxi (3) with air conditioning, fast, and in good conditions. Finally we founded the taxi. We were in way...

When we were there the first thing I saw was a bear that(4)it jump, it sing, and it move its right hand! It was super cute. I thought to give her that little bear, she would be super happy! So I bought the little bear for my cousing, but we were looking for the paper for packing the presents. We couldn't find it in any place but finally we found it! (5)Under a pile of little cars, we found the paper. We were so excited because now we could pack the presents.

We were back home.(6)Very fast in a taxi, but safe. We had all of the things prepared, and the best part was that my cousing didn't have any idea of what we were going to do to her.The say says(7)When there´s nobody that wants anythings to go wrong, everything will go how you expected. And I think that was what was happening to us everything was going excellent!...My telephone rang, nobody answer. I was shouting so they answer the telephone because I was dressing for the party.RING, RING...The telephone continued ringing. I went running to answer it,"hello" i said, "hi naty, is alejandra" I was in shok, my cousing fr what she was calling to me?!"somebody told me you were doing me a surprise party, I'm sorry if I ruin your plans, is that I was thinkink to go to the place you told me, acting if I didn't knew anything, but really I can't do that to you, so I'm here telling you the thruth and hope you tell me the truth"... They were like 5 seconds in silence, i breaked the silence saying (8)"yes, is true but let's continue the party like if anything of this had happened. Let's go there have fun and celebrate your birthday!", "ok", she answered me.

We were all in the party. Although someone tryed to ruin the party, we all had a good time. If you're asking to yourself what happened to the little bear I gave to her, she was so happy when she saw it!

(1)Series of objects: Use commas to separate three or more items in a series.
(2)Series of phrases: Use commas to separate three or more phrases in a serie.
(3)Series of modifiers:Use commas to separate three or more modifiers in a series.
(4)Series of independent clauses: Use commas to separate three or more short independent clauses in a series.
(5)Introductory prepositional phrases: Use a comma after a prepositional phrase of four or more words at the beginning of a sentence.
(6)Introductory participial phrase: Use a comma after a participial phrase at the beginning of a sentence.
(7)Introductory adverb clause: Use a comma after an adverb clause ate the beginning of a sentence.
(8)Introductory yes, no, or interjection: Use a comma to separate yes, no, and interjections, such as oh and well, from the rest of the sentence.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

...My Class...

I'm in 7A. So far 7A had been a good class. It is a class were classmated help each other. We help each other with the problems we have. I think for another person would be the perfect classroom. Although for me it is. We're are all unified childrens.

Really I need to accept there are some things I don't like of my classroom. Dose things are, when a teacher puts a subject which I don't like. Is that I have a problem, if really the thing the teaher is talking about is not interesting for me, I can not concentrate for all the class. I like, pass all the class in the clouds thinking in another thing. But really that is not so much a bad problem. In class almost all the things they teach us are interesing.

What I most like of my classroom are my friends. When I just think that at a some time we will not be unified again because we need to go to the univertity makes me sad. Only thinking that I will not see them again, is terrible. All the things we've all passed together, are wonderful, which I never going to forget. For me the best part o being in school are, studidyng(obviously) to be each time a better person, and having friends.

Without this things I don't know I've being doing right know....Really who agrees with me?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

...My Problems...

What I think of problems, is that is a normal thing. Everyone has problems. Including me, I'm all the times having problems, with my brother, my aunt, my cousin, and also my mom...(he he he)

Really my problems are like strange, they are not really problems, they are like not serious problems. For example we start fighting for a dumb thing. The way I deal my problems is like, for example if my brother takes a pen without permission I just said to give it back, and if he says he won't, I will just call my mom or dad to take away my pen from him, and the most of the time he doesn't gives it back, my mom or dad just buy me one. See that my problems are not very serious? They are like little problems that will be solved at 5 minutes!

I need to realize that I always use bad habits. I shout to my brother, throw the things, is that he makes me mad of the things he does. His name is Andres Felipe, and he is 15 years old. I'm always mad at him! But at the end we are very good brothers(hehe)

Most of the times my brother uses some estrategies to make me more mad, or make that my parents punish me. Some they work, but not all. I also do some estrategies, but really, because they are always the same, they don't work at all. My estrategies are like shout, tell to my parents, or stay in my room with the door locked. See that they are not so good strategies? Really I need to sit and think for more :p

I can still remember the day when I was in my Grandma's house with my little cousings and with my little dog. My cousings were playing with a little plastic ball(beach ball) and in a moment my dog escaped and went , to a place but I didn' know were. When I just heard my cousing crying I went running toward him. When I was there I asked what happened and he told me his little plastic ball was broken. I just imagine my dog exploting it so I went running looking for my dog. I was sure that my dog was who exploted the ball, so I went running and hide. (I was just like 8-9 years old) I heard my aunt talking to my little cousing, and I thought she was going to punish me so when she wasn't looking I hide what was left of the ball. The first thing they told me when they bought my dog was that I need to take care of her. I went running and tell my aunt that, that was my brother who brake it, because I was scared that they were going to give my puppy to another person. When my brother knew that I told that he went mad at me like for a month. But really he had the right to be mad at me, what I did to him was a very bad thing... Time pssed an I appologyze my brother and we were happy bagain to each other.
Every girl that has brothers or sisters know what I´m talking about, because I know this have happen to you, don't even dare to say "That's never happened to me."(hehe)

Saturday, September 30, 2006

...Cristiano Ronaldo...

He's real name is Cristiano Messias Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro. He is a great famous soccer player. Was born in Funchal, Portugal, on February 5,1985. He learned to play futball in a very young age. He was called to play in Lisbon for Sporting Lisbon`s when he was just 12 years old. Then he played for the Sporting Lisbon in the Portuguese Super league when he was just 17, and was know as the best young soccer player in the world...Later his fame and fortune soon took him to play in the Manchester to play in the Premier league in 2003... Also when he was at the 2004 FA Cup he scored the opening goal for Manchester, and help Portugal advance to the final at Euro 2004(european soccer championship) although they lost against greece.
He's exelense in playing soccer maked him a popular person, that maked him won the special Young Player of the Year award in 2005. Portugal selected him for the 2004 olympic Team...His excellence continued and helped Manchester United won the Carling Cup in 2006. Overall Cristiano really wanted and dissurved to be a well known person... Continue with you excellence!

Some parts of this information was get from a wep page and summarized.

Friday, September 29, 2006

..My blog..

Well, I feel good with my blog. I think its a great form of comunicating with persons in other places of the world. Also its a form of expressing what you think of everything you post. As we express, we can permit other persons to say their opinions of what you expressed.

I still remember the first day of shool when our teacher told us we were going to do a blog. I said to myself, what a great idea, specially for me that I love to work in computers. I was so excited when he said that. But really when he explained us what we were going to do, I was scared they were some strange and confusing things, I was really frustrated. But really, it its cool, when you have time of doing the same thing, you get used to it, that's what it happens to me.

The easiest things of making a blog is to put pictures, links... And the most difficult things are, anything... Really though at first it might see is difficult, is not.

I feel very happy to have a blog. Is cool to know what people around the world think about your believes. You can know other people of the world's believes, for example persons from the same country think different or same to other persons of other contries etc.

My feeling has changed from the begginig in many things. At first I was very frustraded because it was difficult and many more things, but now that i'm like getting use to it, really is very easy. Also is very cool, although at first I was also thinking that was very cool.

I really at first I thought that technical aspects were very difficult to put nd to undertad. But now I think is the best thing, because if you put a picture, the person that's reading the post will understand more, and know of what exactly you were talking about.

What has surprised me so far, is that I thought to do that was a very difficult thing, but know that i'm doing it really it's easy. I deppends if you are a person that al the day is in internet, or messenger it will obviously be easier for you than a person it's always seeng tv, or doing wathever else.

And obviously what I've learned about this experience is that blogging is a great way of communicating, and knowing other persons from the world's different believes. I really give thank to our teacher Mr. Hide of giving us this opportunity, thankyou!

Saturday, September 23, 2006

-->What You Think About Cartagena?<--

I think Cartagena is the best city in Colombia. It is romantic and also a historic place. It is almost all surrounded by beachs and nice persons. The persons here in Cartagena are great dancers, very loud persons, but also very pleasant.
This splendid city where in the year 2000 you may smell the pirates rises as a Gods Monument to the year 1600. Its narrow streets make you think that you are in the time tune.
UNESCO has recently declared it “world’s heritage”. It was founded in 1533. It used to be the main commercial port during the colonial times and subject to attacks from pirates. Because of this, the walls were built. It’s an unforgettable experience to go walking through the small streets or to take a ride on a carriage to discover places such as: the Puerta del Reloj, the Plaza de los Coches, the Cathedral, the Inquisition Palace and the Popa Monastery.
The fortifications of San Felipe de Barajas as well as the castle-fort of San Fernando and the battery of San José in Bocachica are full of tunnels and are masterpieces of Spanish engineering.
Tourist can enjoy the delicious local cuisine, good hotels, restaurants and fresh tropical fruits sold by the "Palenqueras" on the beaches. An excursion not to be missed is the one to Islas del Rosario, 1 1/2 hours from the city. I think Cartagena is most a historic, and touristic place...

This information is taken from a Colombian website...

Friday, September 22, 2006

..A Disgusting Story..

What I think of the story "Three Skeleton Key" is that is a disgusting story. I think that because I dont like rats. I think they are horrible. But really I like hamsters but is that they are more cute...They are like sweet. Coming back to the rats, really I don't like them, and I think they don't like me. I really didn't like the story, I'm not telling the story wasn't cool, I'm just telling it wasn' for me, beacuse I think that story is for a person that likes rats, and really I don't like them.

That story makes me think of a movie presented in Disney channel, It's called mickey mouse! I think is super cool. Really I don't know why the Three Skeleton Key remembers me to Mickey Mouse. I think is only because both are rats, but obviously Mickey is more cute! But really both have some similarities, they both like cheese and have big ears..
This is what I think and my point of view of this story...